"When you realize that nothing is lacking the whole world is in your hands" Laozi

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I believe that every person wants to live with inner peace.
We all come into this world with a sack that gets loaded during the years with emotional burden, which shapes who we are through our behavior and the choices we make in relation to our reality.

My work approach is supporting the individual in becoming aware of the way he handles himself in life, what serves and undermines his well being, and how to let go of the things that don't serve him right.

My work method combines cognitive, emotional and spiritual aspects.
I focus on bringing the individual close to actualizing his potential, thus, empowering him in pursuing inner peace.
 מיכל נס-אל

About me

Psychologist (M.A in Counseling Psychologist, Ph.D in human behavior) with over 20 years of experience in individual and couple counseling .Also, working as an organizational consultant, a lecturer, and conductor of indoor and outdoor workshops.

More about me

  • 2003 HR VP at McCann Arikson, Ad Company
  • 1999-2002- building from scratch and managing HR at "TUNDO communication and Telephony.
  • 1998- Part of the pioneer phase of PARTNER-ORANGE. Built the recruitment platform. Served as the first training manager of the company in its first year.




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