Dr. Michal Ness-El

M.A in counseling and Occupational Psychology, Ph.D in human behavior

With over 20 years of working as individual and couple Psychotherapist ,Organizational consultant ,lecturer, and workshop conductor (indoor/outdoor)

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"When you realize that nothing is missing the whole world at hand"


I believe that every person wants to live with inner peace
We all came into this world with a sack that gets loaded over the years, with an emotional burden, that influences who we are, through our patterns and the choices we make in relation to our reality.

My approach is supporting the individual in becoming aware of the way he handles himself in life. What serves and doesn’t serve his well being, and how to let go of the things that serve him wrong.

My work method is integrated, combining cognitive, emotional, and spiritual approaches. Focusing on bringing the individual close to actualizing his potential, thus, empowering him in pursuing inner peace.

Specializes in fulfilling dreams

We all have dreams, many of us will give them up so that they remain a fantasy. How do dreams come true? The workshop presents a practical model, based on the method of Marsha Vader, the priestess of fulfilling dreams from the US * The 10-step model will take you on a journey from the statement of intent, through working with the skeptic and limiting thoughts, to liberating them and setting replacement projects. * Marsha Wieder has coached 3 U.S. presidents, and has appeared regularly on Oprah Winfrey’s program. Marsha is the founder of Dream University in California, USA.

Organizational Diagnosis
Crisis interventions in work teams
Team development
Assimilation and accompaniment of organizational changes
Development of managers
Accompanying new managers upon entering the position
Accompanying managements in defining and realizing an organizational vision

Fulfilling dreams
Thoughts Create Reality
Work out of joy
Cross the trap of the Peter Principle
Realization of personal potential in the current position
Emotional Intelligence Constructive and close communication

Personal and couple counseling in times of crisis
Accompanying patients with a serious illness
Accompanying change processes
Career Counseling
Trust in fulfilling dreams

How To Become An Inspirational Lecturer
Self-realization through the fulfillment of dreams
Interpersonal and organizational communication
Development of managers and assertiveness
Job perception and entry into the job
Human Resource Management Skills
Pressure Management

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More About Me

1990-current – Orgenzitional consultant, lecturer   and workshop facilitator

1994- current – Running clinic as a personal and couple therapy 

Additional jobs:

2003-2004 – HR VP at mMckann Arikson, ad company

2000-2002 – building from scratch and managing HR at “TUNDO communication” 

1998 – 2000 – Part of the pioneer phase of PARTNER-ORANGE. served as the first  recruitment  and Training manager.

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