Lecturer on a variety of topics
Sample topics:

Thoughts in relation to emotion and behavior

Thoughts about me, the other and the world

The lecture includes thoughts from life and work. It’s an integrative lecture where the listeners, are invited to point out wrong thinking and suggest, alternative, effective thinking.

The meaning of joy in my life, My joy contributors. My joy killers Me as my joy killer, Joy as a choice of life.

Many people do the same job for many years and feel worn out, bored and pessimistic about their career. The lecture presents a new perspective, focusing on the present, the “HERE AND NOW”, where self actualization is possible at the very moment of present.

The meaning of The Peter Principal

Self diagnosis using the pyramid of the Peter Principal

Building work plan to avoid the Peter Principal

Analyzing the work environment and defining action items

What’s between EQ and IQ?

Gardner’s Spectrum of Intelligence

6 basic behaviors of EQ and their usage

Behavioral skills of EQ

seven guiding principles identified in the writings he left behind, which became a footprint for those who wish to realize themselves.

  • What is self awareness?
  • Components of circle communication
  • Handling communication barriers
  • Listening and feedback skills
  • Differences between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviors
  • Conflict resolution styles