Individuals and couples therapy

  • Supporting couples struggling in trying to stay together
  • Supporting couples who are in the process of divorce
Offering a new perspective of the rough situation, Enabling constructive communication, to openly clarify needs and distress.

We all have dreams, many of us will give them up so that they remain a fantasy. How do dreams come true? The process presents a practical model, based on the method of Marcia Viader. The 10-step model will take you on a journey that combines declaration of intent, through working with the skeptic and limiting thoughts, up to having your calendar filled with activities allied with your dream..

  • Help in getting a better understanding of self and others, together with tools for emotional regulation, that offer great relief.
  • Offering support of the accompanying distress, in situations of negative thoughts, anxiety, and depression

Providing support in situations of distress arising from negative thoughts.

Empowering the patient to gain insights and self-change.

During our lives we find it difficult to make important decisions about our vocational path, we are afraid to be wrong with our choices.

In the process of career counseling, you will learn about your strengths and talents, and the occupational options they open for you. We will polish your CV, practice interview skills, until you feel confident in presenting who you are, to where you want to be.